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Date to celebrate - January 27 Holocaust Memorial Day

What is it all about?

Holocaust Memorial Day is celebrated on January 27 every year; the date marks the liberation of Auschwitz in 1945. It is a time to remember all those who were victims of the Holocaust during the Second World War.

Classroom ideas

The subject of the Holocaust can be used in a variety of lessons for history, English, citizenship and PHSE.

Themes that can be explored are empathy and compassion, acceptance and humility. For a creative writing exercise, ask pupils to write a journal entry describing how they would have felt as a concentration camp prisoner.

There is a huge amount of subject matter surrounding this day, which can be used to promote discussion. Explain the history of the Holocaust and the atrocities that occurred by using an interactive presentation that can then form the basis for a class-wide discussion. Also reflect on more recent atrocities that raise similar issues.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

The TES website has lots of free resources for assemblies, projects and class discussions. Visit for more details.

Where do I get more information?

The Holocaust Memorial Day official website has lots of information and resources which you can use to prepare for this important day. Visit

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