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Date to celebrate - March 10 - No Smoking Day

What is it all about?

No Smoking Day is the national day to raise awareness about the risks and dangers of smoking. It is particularly important for teenagers and young adults to observe this day and learn about these hazards in order to encourage them to avoid smoking.

Classroom ideas

It is important to highlight the health risks associated with smoking such as heart or lung disease, cancer, emphysema and many others. You could incorporate this information into an interactive presentation on a whiteboard, through a PSHE, physical education or citizenship lesson. Ask pupils to devise a list of these dangers or risks and any others they can think of. You could use these findings to form the basis for a class-wide debate on the issue of smoking. How do pupils feel about the ban in the UK? Do they think it is a positive thing? Encourage as much discussion and debate around these issues as possible to highlight the significance of this day.

Help, I have got no time to prepare

The TES website has plenty of tips and lesson ideas to incorporate into your lessons for No Smoking Day. Visit for more information.

Where do I get more information?

The official No Smoking Day website has lots of information about this campaign and how you can get involved. Visit for more details.

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