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Date to celebrate - May 22 Friendship Funday

What's it all about?

The charity Save the Children has chosen May 22 to celebrate friendship while raising money to save young lives, but schools can choose any convenient day.

Assembly ideas

Your assembly or classroom can be a great place to introduce the importance of friendship with some fun activities. Get pupils involved by asking them to find out five unusual facts about their best friend or an interesting story on how they first met.

You can take the time out to raise the awareness of important issues, such as bullying and the right to have a happy childhood at school and at home.

Older pupils can be encouraged to set up a buddy scheme where they befriend younger children and help them to gain confidence.

Help, I've got no time to prepare

After registering with Save the Children you'll receive your Friendship Funday fundraising pack. Full of teaching suggestions and assembly ideas, the pack also contains a DVD, interactive whiteboard activities and fundraising materials, along with friendship stories from children around the world. If you don't plan to fundraise for Save the Children, the charity will ask you for a small donation towards the cost of the pack.

Where do I get more information?

If you plan a buddy scheme or friendship day, use the chart from The TES resources channel to mark up partners.

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