Dates and events to inspire assemblies - World Aids Day

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What's it all about?

December 1 is the 20th anniversary of World Aids Day, which is designed to highlight the global epidemic.

Assembly ideas

Basing your assembly on a real story can bring it to life. There are many case histories of children and families living with HIV and Aids on the internet (visit www.avert.orgstories.htm or the links below).

Before you start, pupils need to be aware of how the disease is spread and the difference between HIV and Aids. You need to be sensitive to the HIV status of pupils and their families.

A good way to start is to show the red Aids ribbon and talk about how it came from small beginnings in 1991 to become the global symbol it is nowadays. And, in the same way, how actions by individuals can also make a difference.

You can tell pupils that unborn babies in developing countries can be often infected by their mothers, and also how fear and ignorance can lead to discrimination and exclusion.

You could contact an organisation such as the Terrence Higgins Trust, the UK's largest HIV and sexual health charity, which might supply someone to talk to pupils. Visit for more information.

"Something Inside So Strong" by Labi Siffre can be an inspiring piece of music to use. Visit

Help, I've got no time to prepare

Where can I go for more information?


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