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July 18: Nelson Mandela's Birthday

July 18: Nelson Mandela's Birthday

What's the big idea?

On July 18, Nelson Mandela turns 90. The Nelson Mandela Foundation says that this occasion will be "a celebration of ideas". It will further Mandela's ideals of freedom, non-racism and gender equality, as well as assisting their ongoing social justice work.

Assembly ideas

You could focus on giving pupils a historical overview of Nelson Mandela's role in getting South Africans the right to vote. The PowerPoint presentation, which is available on The TES website, targeted at key stage 1 pupils, could help.

You could also adapt the resource available from Longman Publishers, which is about Mandela's time in prison. For key stage 2 pupils, the assembly plan on the Teachernet website should be useful. It suggests explaining the system of apartheid by telling pupils that children with blue eyes are more important than other pupils and this is reflected in a new set of school rules.

For older pupils, the site provides a good summary of Mandela's life. You could add to this with quotes from Mandela's autobiography, which can be found on the OBS website. As the Nelson Mandela Foundation suggests, you could also use the occasion to discuss the wider principles in which Mandela believes.

Help, I don't have enough time to prepare

Use the ready made assembly plan available at:

Where can I go for more information?

www.mandela.tvchapters.html, archives.obs-us.comobsenglishbooksMandelaMandela.html

Assembly Point will return in September.

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