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Davies dissected

In "Departing GTCW chair hits out ..." (TES Cymru, August 13) it states that Mal Davies' tenure "has generally been held in high regard by the teaching profession". I disagree. Mr Davies, unelected by teachers, held a vital position for many years, appointed to the General Teaching Council of Wales (GTCW) chair by fellow, mainly unelected appointees. During his tenure GTCW fees were raised by 36 per cent in one go and were non-refundable. Mr Davies has been instrumental in raising the fees, and has pressed for removal of outside regulation, so they can be raised further, to whatever figure the council would like. Teachers have no recourse other than to pay or lose their livelihood - like a shopkeeper giving protection money to remain open.

John Skelton, Teacher, Port Talbot, South Wales.

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