Day in the life - John Boldock

The site manager at Kingsholm CofE Primary School in Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Steven Hastings

Every morning, just before seven, I unlock all the buildings, which takes a good half an hour. On the way, I check for damage or anything that needs attention. I'm good at DIY and do most maintenance jobs myself, but if we need someone in, it's up to me to get quotations, choose the contractor and ensure the work's done properly.

Children's safety is obviously a big concern for a site manager, but in the six years I've been here, we've not had a major incident. That's because the head is so supportive. She always takes any worries seriously.

My working day is divided into two shifts. At 12.45pm, I get a three-hour break, when I'lI walk the dog, or go shopping. Then it's back to school for the late shift. I let parents on to the site to pick up their children and when the last member of staff leaves around 5.30pm, I do the first job of the day in reverse, locking up and checking everything's secure.

Because I live on the premises, I'm always on call. Two nights a week, we hire out the hall to country dancers so I have to stay in on those evenings in case there's a problem. Every now and then the burglar alarm goes off in the night. It's usually a false alarm, but even so I don't go looking round on my own. I telephone the police and switch off the alarm quickly so as not to upset the neighbours.

School holidays are the easiest time to get major work done, but I prefer term time because I enjoy the contact with staff and pupils. Every Friday morning, the children have what we call "university" hour, where they learn different things. I am a keen photographer - at weekends I do weddings - so I'm running photography classes. There aren't many site managers who get to teach.

Every day is different, but always busy. I'm responsible for seven cleaning staff and four kitchen staff, there are regular training days and I'm also mentoring a new caretaker at another school. Overall, it's a great job.

John Boldock was talking to Steven Hastings.

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Steven Hastings

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