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Days of swine and ruses

THOSE who refuse to be convinced that school life has moved on should be grateful to Fraser Sanderson, director of education in Dumfries and Galloway, for this reminder.

As a rookie teacher, he told school board representatives recently, he saw a splendid bout of instant disciplinary action. His principal teacher took a lad aside at the start of a lesson and meted out the usual punishment with the finest product ever to come out of Lochgelly.

"That was very impressive," the young Sanderson observed. "You obviously spotted something, because I didn't see him actually do anything."

"That's because he didn't do anything," replied the PT. "But I know and he knows that in the course of the lesson he will do something to merit the belt. So it's in both our interests to get the punishment out of the way at the start and the class can then get on with its work without interruption."

These were clearly the days before the GTC.

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