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The deadly sins of achievement

SAM GALBRAITH, busy promoting his Standards in Scotland's Schools etc Bill, may want to refer to an invaluable document from the Christian Institute. The Newcastle-based lobby group provided a briefing for journalists at the launch of the Keep the Clause campaign on Section 28.

It has researched homosexuality extensively and thunders against its dangers. Homosexual experience, it cautions in a booklet, Bankrolling Gay Proselytism: The case for extending Section 28, "may involve little more than simply putting an arm around another person".

Bad news for rugby players.

Gays and lesbians, the institute warns, are far from anoppressed minority. "Active homosexuals are generally well-educated, high earning and over-represented in social class 1," it states.

A survey found that only 14 per cent of those aged 25-64 held a degree, against 39.7 per cent of gay men. "These men are more highly educated than the adult male population."

American surveys confirm the pink link to success and education. Almost 60 per cent of gay men in the United States who read gay papers and magazines had a degree compared with 18 per cent of the population. Almost half were in managerial positions, the institute reveals.

Whatever do we read into this, Sam?

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