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Debt campaign deserves support

QUITE apart from signing the petition on your website, may I heartily endorse the campaign launched in The TES to rectify the double injustice done to teachers who qualified between 1998 and 2000.

My daughter experienced the exact opposite of the "double whammy" these colleagues have suffered. She in the last year group going through university who did not have to pay fees themselves, and she then found herself in the first year group to receive the pound;6,000 incentive to graduates to train as teachers.

She - and we, her parents - greeted this turn of events as a remarkably favourable set of circumstances. Not the sort of thing that normally happens to people like us!

But we can just imagine the feelings of those in the year or two ahead of our daughter, incurring debts those ahead of them would not have had and then seeing those following receive this previously unheard-of bonus! This is so blatantly an unjust accident of history, it must be undone at once. All teachers should support their call for this wrong to be righted.

Doug Sherburn

3 Swinbourne Close

Norwich, Norfolk

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