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Dedicated teachers deserve our respect

Robin Halls's letter about teachers who have no life outside their job (Friday magazine, February 8) upset me, as I was heartened to read of the great work done by Anne Stafford and her staff at Mansel primary school ("Made in Sheffield", Friday, January 18).

Our society is in a mess and we need to improve run-down areas and empower distraught families. We need more dedicated teachers like those at Mansel. Most of us have known - or heard of - teachers for whom their job is everything. There are such people in all professions. The world would probably stop without them.

Robin Halls talks about "interacting with the world". What else are the staff at Mansel doing? They are interacting with the parents and thus with the community. We could do with fewer teachers with ideas in straitjackets.

Puni Selvaratnam,

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