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'Deep feelings' - 'Cutie pie' card was sent to pupil

A teacher who sent a pupil an "inappropriate" card in which he called her "cutie pie" has been allowed to stay in the profession.

Jayendra Mathasing, who worked at Blackheath High School in south-east London, admitted to his headteacher he had "deep feelings" for the Year 10 pupil. A GTC panel did not accept his explanation that these were "feelings of admiration".

Mr Mathasing allowed an inappropriate friendship to develop with the child, and told her he had "strong feelings" for her, the panel heard.

Chair Andrew McKinnon said it was "appropriate" for Mr Mathasing to continue to teach because he had shown "insight" into his failings and there had been no repetition of his behaviour.

The reprimand will stay on Mr Mathasing's record for two years.

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