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In defence of the city

The article on Stretford high school refers to rowdy pupils hijacking lessons " a deliberate campaign of disruption during an inspection of a Manchester school".

The story is in fact about a school not in Manchester but in one of our neighbouring local authorities, Trafford.

Apart from being factually inaccurate, stating that the school is in Manchester on the front page is inconsistent with both your leader comment and the related news story on page 5 which both refer to the school, correctly, as a Trafford school.

I can understand a need to pinpoint the general geographical area a school is in for your readers in stories that appear in the paper, and in this regard Greater Manchester would be the accurate location to use rather than Manchester.

Large, well-known city that Manchester undoubtedly is, it is actually only one of 10 local authorities in the Greater Manchester area.

Jane Lemon Press office Manchester City Council Town Hall Albert Square, Manchester

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