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Deficiencies are with councils

The Teachers' Pensions contract has been run by Capita very successfully since 1996, resulting in a recent (2003) re-award of the contract by the Department for Education and Skills for a further seven years.

Pension payments are regularly independently audited both by the National Audit Office and auditors from the DfES and are highly accurate.

Capita does not source information directly from teachers. Employers are responsible for ensuring the veracity of this information and for supplying it in a timely manner to Capita. We cannot second-guess employers.

To assist employers within The Teachers' Pension Scheme in their role of delivering timely and accurate information, Capita has implemented a number of additional services.

One example is a secure website which was developed specifically to assist members to check their individual records and to enable them to identify any discrepancies which they can then take up directly with their employers. The teachers' scheme is the first public service scheme in England and Wales to proactively issue automatic benefit statements to its members. Since June 2003 Capita has issued more than 400,000 benefit statements to teachers via their employers so that they can check if their service records are correct.

Teachers must resolve any queries directly with the employers who are responsible for submitting data to Capita.

Mike Addenbrooke

Managing director

Capita Hartshead

71 Victoria Street


London SW1

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