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Degree of difficulty

The geography department of Caldervale High in North Lanarkshire is featured by Learning and Teaching Scotland in the "sharing practice"

section of its Curriculum for Excellence website.

In the past, S2 students at Caldervale did individual written investigations in geography, studying "Areas of Difficulty". However, staff realised that pupils were becoming less responsive to the format and were concerned that some students with additional support needs were struggling to master all aspects of the investigation on their own. Students using the internet often ended up swamped with information or became frustrated at the lack of appropriate information they were able to find.

They approached the Library Resource Centre manager to overhaul the project, resulting in the creation of a new group-oriented initiative, based on co-operative learning principles.

A webquest activity was incorporated to make the best use of students'

research time. This provided a framework and allowed individual decision-making within a structured, focused task. The project lasts for a four-week period with each class having 12 periods to undertake it.

* caldervaleintroduction.asp

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