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Degrees lack youth appeal

Two thirds of young adults say they would be better off with vocational skills training than with a traditional academic degree, according to a national survey published this week.

Fear of building up debts while studying was a major consideration among 16 to 24-year-olds interviewed for the survey. There is also growing confidence in the standard of training on offer. The majority (69 per cent) thought there was now high-quality training available for school leavers.

Half the young adults interviewed chose vocational training as the best route to a secure career. The survey was done by pollsters Populus for SkillCity 2005, the UK's largest-ever skills festival. The organisation expects more than 120,000 young people at its four-day event to promote vocational training next year.

Sir George Russell, SkillCity chairman, said national skills shortages had created more opportunities than ever. "Young people with the right vocational skills are in demand."

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