Delia's sweet treats

As the temperature drops outside, forget the diet for a while and indulge in some comfort food. We hope you'll enjoy treating yourself to these delicious recipes from Delia Smith's latest cookbook Puddings, the eighth and final part in the Delia Collection series (BBC Books, pound;9.99 from February 10).

Fifty-five recipes jostle for position as Delia's number one, from the sticky to the creamy, the crispy to the wobbly. All the favourites are here, including steamed treacle sponge and lemon meringue pie. And when it comes to counting the calories you can reassure yourself with Delia's own words: "Someone who never eats snack foods but pours double cream on their apple pie at the weekend is, I'm quite positive, consuming far less fat."

We have 10 copies of The Delia Collection: Puddings to give away. To enter, answer this question: meringue is made with a) egg whites b) egg yolks.

Mark your answers scarf - with your preferred colour, marine or mulberry - or Delia and send them on a postcard to the TES address or by email to Remember to include your name, address and contact details. Entries close February 9.

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