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Delightful wooded setting for outside lavatories

"IF you saw this school on a sunny afternoon you would think it is a wonderful place," said Michael Pickwell, headteacher at East Ravendale Church of England primary near Grimsby.

Even the Office for Standards in Education described the setting of the small village school as "delightful wooded and garden surroundings".

But when the weather is wet and cold, staff and pupils find the fact that all the classrooms and toilets are in separate temporary outbuildings less congenial.

East Ravendale has just one permanent building, the original Victorian school built in 1856, just big enough for the hall. There is an office in an extension built in 1870.

North East Lincolnshire hopes to build a new school for the 110 pupils later this year.

Mr Pickwell, who has been head for six years, said: "The whole situation is just unacceptable, it is not just toilets. We have no storage areas so the equipment is stored in sheds, we have no information and communications technology facilities and no library.

"The school appealed to me because it is rural, small and Church of England. I came knowing I would have to continue the fight for a new building."

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