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Demand is for 'parallel award' with McCrone

EDUCATIONAL psychologists have formed a united front in their campaign to achieve pay parity with teachers and may take industrial action in pursuit of their claim.

They recently turned down an offer of 3 per cent and are holding out for 10 per cent, in line with the McCrone settlement. A joint forum of the Association of Scottish Principal Education Psychologists, the British Psychological Society and the Educational Institute of Scotland's Educational Psychologists National Network now plans to lobby the review group.

The forum claims that the post-McCrone deal will make educational psychology less attractive to teachers and want a pay award "parallel with McCrone".

Fergal Docherty, convener of the EIS Network, told The TES Scotland: "If the outcome of the review extends beyond October, we will be looking for an interim pay increase in line with the teachers' 10 per cent. If we are not included, then we are willing to go to industrial action."

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