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Demand for supply

Your job and career questions answered

I registered with several supply-teaching agencies at the start of September. When might I expect some long- term work in the primary sector?

This is a difficult question to answer. Long-term supply work arises for a number of reasons, such as a sudden unexpected illness or accident of a teacher or more foreseen events such as maternity leave. Because there are many more teachers in the primary sector looking for posts than a couple of years ago, there is lots of competition for any jobs at present in much of the country.

You should ask the agencies where you stand and if there are teachers who have been on their books for longer periods of time who they might want to place before you. It is a sensible move to have registered with several agencies, and you could even send your CV to local schools. If a school can save money by not using an agency, they will often do so, especially if money is tight.

Check that your CV makes the most of your skills and experience. However, the market is unlikely to be flooded with jobs this year so you may need to be resigned to something of a wait.

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