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Demands of supply are many

I "EARN" my money in a supply agency - working far longer hours than I ever did in teaching, despite the implication in Rob Ian Smith's letter (TES, October 6).

The wage received by a supply teacher is not the only cost in-volved. Others which have to met include - national insurance contributions; police checks; interest lost while waiting for accounts to be settled; free training for supply teachers and agency staff salaries - the pound;66 he calls profit is therefore diminished considerably.

The writer of the letter mentions that his local education authority pays pound;124 per day - if that is the case then why work fr an agency that pays pound;90 per day? To pay a supply teacher the same rate as a full-time teacher is unfair because a supply teacher on the same spine point could be earning more than a full-time member of staff on a daily basis. Also a supply teacher is not involved to the same extent as a full-time teacher in duties such as preparation, marking and parents' evenings. In the commercial and industrial workplace, temporary workers have never been paid the same rate as those in full-time employment.

Loraine De Simone

Head of service

Select Education

3 Collingwood Street

Newcastle Upon Tyne

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