Demise of testing regime is no reason to bin the Bard

Nic Brownlie

I am delighted that The TES has covered the difficult situation faced by companies such as ours as a result of the abolition of Sats tests, but I would like to set the record straight on a point raised by Katharine Grice at the Globe Theatre in London.

Ms Grice focused on the delight of now being able to promote whole plays. For the record, Mopa has never done anything but look at whole plays - whatever the exam requirements.

I would sincerely hope we are not alone in this focus on Shakespeare rather than exams, and it is this very point that prompted me to make my own comment about the Bard turning in his grave.

Nic Brownlie, Artistic director, Mopa Theatre Company, Herts.

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Nic Brownlie

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