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Democratic rights denied

THE comments by the Scottish Executive's Mike Gibson in your article "Bill's new rights for new needs" (TESS, March 14), come as no surprise to Record of Needs Alert.

Dr Gibson has failed again miserably to appreciate that the minority of parents he claims our organisation represents is in fact the majority of the minority of parents who have managed to find out that the Executive is proposing to change legislation pertaining to children who have special educational needs.

It is also blatantly obvious that Dr Gibson has his own agenda regarding the so-called consultation seminars, as the number of parents attending did not even get into double figures at the majority of venues.

His perception that parents see the positive side of the draft Bill is factually incorrect. We have had reports back from every seminar through parents and professionals who are adamant that the majority of participants expressed grave concerns about the draft Bill.

We are still seeking the answer as to why the Scottish Executive has continually denied the democratic right of every parent who has a child with special educational needs to be consulted on the proposed Bill. It will, if enacted, directly affect our children's lives.

Lorraine Dilworth

Record of Needs Alert

High Street, Dalkeith

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