Demotivated? Plan a holiday

Am I alone in feeling blobby? Certainly, there is a post-Christmas physical flabby feeling that needs a detox and strict exercise programme to shift, but more worrying is the lack of energy that is so common at this time of year. Do you feel a limitless capacity for sleeping? Do you find it depressing getting up and coming home in the dark, and feeling TOT - tired all the time? It would be so nice if we could all stay in bed on these grey, dingy, duvet days.

So how can we motivate ourselves? Well, planning some really exciting teaching would be an idea - the same thing can be taught in a thousand different ways, so which way is going to turn you on? Even if the topics don't lend themselves to being sexed up you can think up something wacky to amuse you, if not the kids. Think up some tricks in - or even for - the staffroom.

Have you got "me" time to make you feel that there is more to life than just work? Outside interests help keep things in perspective. These may be as simple as meeting friends, reading a good book, eating tasty food, exercising, or just making quiet time for yourself. Proper hobbies are good too - something to stretch you in a different direction and introduce you to new people and ideas. Make it regular - something to look forward to and that you will want to carry on doing.

Recovering from the "high alert" positions that our bodies are in at school is important but not easy to do. How do you relax? Keeping fit can be hard when you're exhausted from being on your feet all day. I know it's childish and not at all PC, but blasting some baddies on a computer game really releases tension - and it's a lot of fun. Taking up jogging or going to the gym will make you feel virtuous as well as fit. Mind you, coping with the guilt when you don't go can be worse! A 20-minute walk can help and that's free, easy and something you can start now.

Best of all though, is planning your next holiday or two. Now that's what I call a motivating and energising experience - getting the best deal is such a worthwhile challenge and adds to the feelgood factor. Download a picture of your destination as your screensaver and before you know it, the sun will be shining when we leave for work!

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