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Deputy rolls up for her new life

AFTER more than 20 years as a primary teacher, Teresa Heys has decided to quit the classroom for a life on the road as a chauffeur.

The former deputy head of St Mary's School, Bicester, decided to leave full-time teaching after inheriting some money and splashing out on a 21-year-old Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow II for her new job.

She said: "I wanted a change from teaching, and as I've always enjoyed driving it was the obvious choice. I've been a deputy head for the last yer and though I love teaching, the bureaucracy and pressures were getting to me.

"I was faced with masses of paperwork every day, which was very time consuming and not what I became a teacher to do."

Teresa will continue as a supply teacher until she feels comfortable that her chauffering business will take off. Judging by her current success rate that may not be too long. The day after leaving St Mary's she carried out her first job as a chauffeur at a wedding.

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