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Design project did help school

I refer to "Head rips into design claims" (TES, June 17, 2005) .

In 2000, designer of the year Hilary Cottam invited me into a team to reshape schooling. Kingsdale school had been selected as the first partner for the "School Works" process. The process supports pupils, staff and community in rethinking and rebuilding a school. This includes physical change but also building a shared purpose in the school community.

The work to "re-imagine" the school took place well before any physical changes to it. It is my firm belief that our project's workshops and idea generation activities with pupils, staff and wider school community contributed to the improvement in Kingsdale's performance.

They did so by providing a platform for the talent, leadership and determination that was already in the school. This does not detract in any way from the achievements of staff or the head, Steve Morrison.

The project was run with integrity as a transformative process. Throughout the project Hilary Cottam has always emphasised the collaboration on the project. Now that the physical transformation is in place Kingsdale's talent should flourish further. And that, after all, was the aim.

Sanjiv Lingayah

Process designer 93 Badlis Road London E17

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