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Design: VIPs at play

The importance of design in children's play will be showcased in a series of activities being organised by the Ikea Edinburgh store as part of the Six Cities Design Festival.

Gill Harper, the head of Ikea UK's children's team, will present a seminar on Sunday, May 20, at the Ikea Comfort Zone in West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh.

Her topic will be "Designing for the Most Important People in the World"

and will focus on the importance of design in devising play products for children.

The Straiton store has also put together a series of children's workshops to run from May 13 to May 27. The workshops will include summer craft and design activities for children of all ages.

On May 13, the "Mosaic Chairs" workshop will encourage children to decorate with mosaic and transform ordinary chairs until they're fit for a king or a queen. On May 18, "Be Dazzled" will encourage children to design and make a piece of jewellery that ex-presses their true selves. The "Origami Chair"

workshops on May 20 and 27 focus on how to make a chair from a piece of paper using an age-old method; and at the "Bionic Bodywear" workshop on May 26, participants will be guided on how to design an accessory that could improve physical performance.

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