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BACK to the lofty realms of academe, where some members of that august body, the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals, have dared to suggest it has an image problem. How, they ask, can it make itself seem less, well, fusty?

A change of name could be the answer, some agreed in the bar at the committee's recent conference in Wolverhampton. One VC even had an idea: how about the Federation of UK Universities?

Perfect, all agreed ... until one tired and emotional don pointed out the federation's acronym might not give out quite the inclusive message that universities are trying to get over.

Mind you, it worked for French Connection UK...

TESJseptember 24 1999 gTeachers and unions may long for a respite, but New Labour's reforming zeal looks set to carry on into a second term.

Analysis, page 24.

gTheatre can still change a 15-year-old's life, says the RSC's new director of education.Profile, page 26 belle mellor Opinion

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