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Desperate to leave

Your job and career questions answered

I teach in the private sector, in the same school since I qualified as a mature entrant two years ago. I have a joint degree and want to change subject without dropping down the career ladder. I'm head of subject and I enjoy curriculum planning, teaching and pastoral work, but have never taught my second subject. How do I go about finding another job?

Why do you need another job and want to leave? I think you are asking a lot to expect to find a management job in a subject you have never taught. Why do you want to change subject and school? It would be easier to keep to the subject you know best and look for another post in that subject. If you are not offered what you want, you may have to decide whether to take a post at a lower salary and work your way back up to head of department or hold out for the management post. Much will depend on the job market in the area where you are looking and the skills you have to offer. As a mature entrant you may have additional skills in addition to your subject expertise, that are of interest to a school . However, time is running out to find a post for September.

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