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Developing the School Curriculum;Briefing;Document of the week

* Timetable for implementation

April 98. begin the consultation on under-fives

* May 98 Publish QCA's advice on the review and the Secretary of State's response (last week's announcement)

* June 98 Publish document on aims and priorities

* July 98 Receive report of citizenship advisory group

* August 98 Finalise and report on under-fives consultation

* September 98 Receive report of committee on creative and cultural education and the interim report from the panel on sustainable development education Produce recommendations on framework for citizenship and pshel December 98 Complete draft proposals for revised orders and desirable learning outcomes

* January 99 Trial the draft orders

* April 99 Submit final proposals to Secretary of State

* May 99 Begin formal consultations

* July 99 Finalise Orders

* September 99 Distribute revised Orders

* September 2000 Implement revised national curriculum

* Last week's appointments to the government advisory committee on personal social and health education

Chair: Jane Jenks, co-ordinator for Gulbenkian Foundation Passport project and the Healthy Schools Award Scheme in Wandsworth.

Professor Michael Barber, Head of the DFEE's standards and effectiveness unit.

Phil Hope MP.

Sue Plant, chair of Sex Education Forum and chair of Health Department's sex and relationships task group.

Tony Lamb, Liverpool archdiocese.

Dr Paula Grey, director of public health, North Cheshire Health Authority.

Marianne Talbot, Brasenose College, Oxford.

John Bennet, Coventry LEA.

Hansa Patel Kanwar, DoH's national initiative on unintended teenage pregnancies.

Dave Brockington, Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network.

Chris Watkins, London Institute of Education.

Tom Wylie, National Youth Agency.

Sandra Shipton, Edgwick community primary school, Coventry.

Lorraine Hoare, Health Education Authority.

Nick Peacey, SEN Joint Initiative on Training.

Chris Jones, QCA.

Peter Griffiths, HM inspector.

Stephen Harrison, Teacher Training Agency.

David Kerr, Government advisory group on citizenship.

Louise Horseman, Participation Education Group.

Estelle Corbyn, Stokesley School, North Yorks.

John Reavely, Evelyn's community school, Middlesex.

Tina Harvey, St Anne's SLD school, Merton.

Miralee Hackshaw, Dalmain school, Lewisham.

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