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Developing science

I read with interest the recent TES Scotland article "Will science sink again in a flood of cash?" by Brian Toner (December 5).

While it is true that a link to the Improving Science Education 5-14 website may be found on the portal of Learning and Teaching Scotland, the article implies that the website is "vastly superior to the terrors of its assessment site".

I would like to point out that the ISE 5-14 site resides and is edited by the Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre (SSERC). Improving Science Education 5-14 currently has four components. Activities in two of these areas (innovations in assessment and homework) are being led by Learning and Teaching Scotland.

The two other key initiatives, continuing professional development programmes on practical learning activities and web-based support, are managed by, or facilitated through,a support service based within the SSERC.

ISE 5-14, nonetheless, is a coherent programme and all the central personnel meet and work together as a single team.

Ian Birrell


Holyrood Road


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