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Diary - Dinner and I do

Could school cafeterias become the next hot thing in wedding venues? It couldn't be ruled out as couples opt to tie the knot in the place where they first met.

Fina Nikolos and Jack Frankel are the latest to join the trend, exchanging vows in the supermarket where their love blossomed. Fina, 67, had offered Jack, 75, a lift in her car as he waited for the rain to stop, and in return he invited her for dinner to show his gratitude.

The rest is history, and last week the couple married in front of staff and shoppers at the Whole Foods Market in Coral Springs, Florida.

Given that many romances start in school, renting out the canteen for wedding receptions could also prove a lucrative sideline for heads looking to swell the school coffers in these recessionary times.

After all, why plump for a stately home or church when a school cafeteria contains as much romance as anyone could want.

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