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Diary - Not so squeaky clean

How clean is your desk? Even the neatest of teachers can find their high standards soon slip, with resources disappearing under a mountain of books and folders. But rarely do they find a family of rodents hiding under their board rubbers.

The same cannot be said of one police officer. Exterminators called in to deal with a mice infestation at a south London police station found a nest on an officer's messy desk. They discovered that the family of mice had set up home in a pile of paperwork, unbeknown to the officer. Following the discovery, an internal report has reminded officers to clear their desks at the end of each day, so cleaners can do their jobs.

"Cluttergate" has caused ripples of indignation across the force. "Some of the desks were so messy it was a wonder anyone could find anything," says one disgruntled officer. It's enough to give Kim and Aggie a heart attack.

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