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Diary - Pub quiz

1. To whom did boxer Amir Khan lose for the first time in his professional career, in 2008?

2. Which version of Windows did Microsoft release as the successor to Windows XP?

3. What "D" is a site in Caithness where the world's first fast-breeder nuclear reactors were built?

4. Which country underwent a military coup in September 2006 in which Thaksin Shinawatra was removed from power?

5. In 1989, who played the lead role in the first Batman film?

6. In which English city would you find Temple Meads railway station?

7. An octagon has how many sides?

8. What is the nickname of Reading Football Club?

9. The island of Sardinia (pictured) belongs to which country?

10. In which war did Frederick the Great's army claim victory in the Battle of Prague in 1757?


1. Breidis Prescott; 2. Windows Vista; 3. Dounreay; 4. Thailand; 5. Michael Keaton; 6. Bristol; 7. Eight; 8. The Royals; 9. Italy; 10. The Seven Years' War.

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