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Diary - Pub quiz

1. What was the first name of Mrs Beeton (pictured), who wrote The Book of Household Management?

2. Which planet does the moon Europa orbit?

3. In which feature film did X-Files star David Duchovny make his screen debut, as Tess's birthday party friend?

4. Who owns the website address

5. In which European country are the Taurus mountains?

6. On which 1980s game show hosted by Jim Bowen was a speedboat one of the regular prizes?

7. For which team did Niki Lauda win two Formula One world titles in the 1970s?

8. Which organ of the body produces insulin?

9. Which Japanese word means empty orchestra?

10. What colour are contour lines, showing the heights of land in metres above sea level, on Ordnance Survey maps?

Answers: 1. Isabella; 2. Jupiter; 3. Working Girl; 4. American Airlines; 5. Turkey; 6. Bullseye; 7. Ferrari; 8. Pancreas; 9. Karaoke; 10. Red.

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