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Diary - Pub quiz

1. In what year was Top of the Pops first broadcast?

2. What does the word "spumante" mean on a wine bottle?

3. What is the name of the channel between the Isle of Wight and Hampshire?

4. Which golfer toppled Tiger Woods from the World No 1 spot in 2004, for the first time in five years?

5. Cantab after a person's name indicates their degree is from which university?

6. Whose official fan club is called The Sons of the Desert?

7. What are the Taurids and Leonids?

8. In which country was Lego invented?

9. How many eyes does a spider have?

10. According to the nursery rhyme, on which day of the week did Solomon Grundy die?

Answers: 1. 1964; 2. Sparkling; 3. The Solent; 4. Vijay Singh; 5. Cambridge; 6. Laurel and Hardy; 7. Annual meteor showers; 8. Denmark; 9. Eight 10. Saturday.

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