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Diary - Pub quiz

1. In which city would you find the Wailing Wall?

2. In Coronation Street, what was the occupation of Melvin Hutchwright, played by Sir Ian McKellen?

3. If you were suffering from quinsy, what part of your body would be affected?

4. In which month is St George's Day?

5. England's World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore signed for which team on leaving West Ham in 1974?

6. Bournville in the Midlands is the original home of which chocolate company?

7. Who was the first African-American woman to win a Best Actress Oscar?

8. Who was the first British Prime Minister to marry a divorcee?

9. Six is the lowest of what type of number?

10. Who wrote A Brief History of Time?

ANSWERS: 1. Jerusalem; 2. Novelist; 3. Throat; 4. April; 5. Fulham; 6. Cadbury's; 7. Halle Berry; 8. Margaret Thatcher; 9. Perfect number; 10. Stephen Hawking.

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