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Diary of the week


Shaky start with an S3 Intermediate 1 class turns into an excellent period.

A stack of emails to answer, diary to up- date - double-booked next week and a meeting in 23 days to be planned. The afternoon has a senior PSE session, supervising a session with a councillor instead of teaching Advanced Higher. More emails before bed, a prestigious dinner invitation, but can I stand the speeches? And A Curriculum for Excellence focus group meeting!!


In early, ready for Higher double period - except that it's tomorrow.

Assessment for S3, missed the deadline by a week - pretty good! Computer playing up, no technician. Poor S2 class starting an investigation - spent 40 minutes explaining the title. Gave wrong answer to my best Higher pupil and the electrostatics stuff wouldn't work because of the damp. But departmental meeting at the end of the day went well and I left with no "for action". An hour tonight looking over S1 work for parents' night, then 40 minutes marking.


Double period of Higher - great excitement, one of the pupils has earned himself a place at the Space School in Houston next summer. Teaching in the wrong room, very disorientating, and then the 40-year-old equipment packed in and no amount of coaxing would bring it back to life. Where are the technicians when I need them? Sixth year on computers next, what a lot of time they waste. NAB on Friday - then we'll see!! S1 parents' night went well, two hours exactly - what a lot of children are autistic or have other related problems. Will this get worse? Email from a probationer from last year who can't get a job - will do interview skills with him next week.


Life gets busier. More classes, more meetings. Committee work in the afternoon followed by a well attended, subject-specific meeting in the evening with a total drive of 150 miles. Both successful and upbeat and improved my mood, but feeling tired.


Advanced Higher NAB took so long the AB test must wait until next week.

Credit test for S3. Storing up work for myself but at least I got some admin done. Finished the week with the Int 1 class - reasonable for a Friday afternoon. Will use computer suite on Monday - on my own head be it! Big stack of marking to do - or not!

The writer is a science teacher who wishes to remain anonymous

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