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Diary of the week

Monday Prepare for the day before children arrive. Just settled with reading groups when fire alarm went off. I like my circle time on a Monday, as busy timetable doesn't allow much time to talk to the children about what's happening to them.

Looked out resources for supply teacher at lunchtime. Good drama lesson - used musical instruments to help children think about their movements and this made them listen well. Didn't get my RCCT time (30 minutes) today.

After school marked today's work and prepared tomorrow's, then discussed behaviour problem with SMT member. Joined others in staffroom for tea, helped at school disco till 7.50pm.

Tuesday Another supply teacher in, so showed her where resources were and what was happening. Looked out resources for support assistant. Quieter in class this week - most disruptive pupil off. Amazing difference when he's not there. Good session in ICT suite - most children listened well and could carry out their instructions. Helpful having SA to assist.

Afternoon reading mixed. One group used strategies to decode new word, other needed to be spoon-fed. Spoke to staff about presentation for parents' curriculum evening next week.

Wednesday PE specialist wanted to rearrange timetable today, so I had my two hours RCCT time first thing: children had one hour with music specialist and one hour PE. Good listening and talking session in afternoon, then structured play. CPD course 4-6pm, then prepared worksheets in evening.

Thursday Discussed concerns about a pupil with the head. She was supportive and suggested one or two options. Checked maths and technology resources I needed for the day and wrote up day plan for children. In the morning, maths, language, technology and problem solving. Dropped lunchtime walk looking for signs of autumn - too wet, so spent 20 minutes setting up mobile smart board for interactive science activity instead. End of day discussion with couple of mums about concerns they had.

Friday After maths chatted with SA, who supports three less able children in the class, about alternative strategies because they're finding the work difficult. In reading, trying to reinforce six common words with some children, who seem to get no support at home - as if they'd never seen the words before.

Sunday Two hours preparing worksheets and daily plans.

The writer is a primary teacher who wishes to remain anonymous

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