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Digging defences for the Diploma

Your one-sided attack on the Diploma wrongly suggests that the qualification has failed to attract support from the top research intensive universities.

On the contrary, Leeds University is one of a number of top universities that supports this much-needed qualification. For some time universities and employers have rightly asked whether young people are leaving school or college equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Now, at last, the Diploma is giving young people the valuable critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communications skills that will help them enter university or work, while the Diploma's "extended project" option will stretch the very brightest.

The Diploma is also widening participation by providing another option for young people who are not motivated by traditional qualifications.

It is a groundbreaking qualification. Let's not mar its success with rumour and misinformation.

Professor Michael Arthur, Vice-chancellor, Leeds University.

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