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By 2002, it's anticipated than more digicams will be sold worldwide than conventional cameras. That's why your final software consideration should be some sort of cataloguing package. A fair to middling sized school could own upwards of 10 digicams, and with constant use - school trips, magazines, web publishing, displays - that photo collection is going to mount up. Indexing software will allow you to represent image files as thumbnails that can then be arranged in albums or folders for easy access.

If you've ever flicked through one of those image-bank CDs that come free with computer magazines you'll be familiar with a thumbnail indexing system. Some image-editing software now includes thumbnail or slideshow viewing but if you're going to store a large number of images it's sensible to go for a dedicated cataloguing program. The best of these are Pixology Piccolo, K5 Photo from Keypix and Extenss Portfolio.

Offered in both single-user and network form, Portfolio is a scalable, flexible system favoured by some of the largest image databanks such as Corbis and Getty PhotoDisc. It also can be used to collate sound and text files which makes it a particularly versatile cataloguing tool for teachers.

Cataloguing Software

Extensis Portfolio Education price: pound;100 from Extensis

Tel: 01604 636 300

Pixology Piccolo

Price: pound;30 from the Digital Camera Company

Tel: 01483 301 970K5


Price: pound;30 from Keybase

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