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Digital cameras

* Printing images from your digital camera is getting easier. If you thought using the PictBridge system that lets you link a digital camera directly to a printer and make hard copies without using a PC was good, Kodak looks set to offer something even simpler - a wi-fi wireless digital camera. The EasyShare-One uses a plug-in wi-fi card that allows it to communicate with compatible wi-fi printers. Sounds great, but don't expect much change from pound;500 when the EasyShare-One finally arrives in the UK.

* On a less happy note, reports are emerging that some digital cameras made between October 2002 and March 2004 may suffer from a serious malfunction of the CCD image chip, resulting in horribly blurred images with a purple cast or no image at all. The problem seems to have been caused by a manufacturing fault, which causes the image chip to become dislodged from its protective packaging. Konica Minolta has issued an alert and will repair all cameras, whether inside the warranty period or not. Other manufacturers with cameras that are believed to be affected by the problem are Sony, FujiFilm and Canon.

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