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Digital dynamite

The world's fastest personal computer, the Power Mac G5, may not be an essential piece of equipment for every classroom teacher, admits Apple Education's Andy Pendry, but there is a lot of interest for digital video editing applications and video streaming from education authorities, media studies and art departments, he says.

Products of more obvious use to teachers include the G4 iMacs and eMacs, with the iLife multimedia software suite. "That's the entry level for digital video editing and there'll be lots of examples of how to use it within the curriculum," he says.

Mid-range digital video software aimed at S5 and S6 will be on display, as well as Gamebreaker, the powerful sports analysis software used by professional coaches and now available for PE teachers.

"But probably the most important products for schools are the latest wireless laptops, which run at 54 megabits per second."

Contact Andy Pendry, tel 0780 225 7580 Stand E2

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