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Disappointed abuse motions not mentioned

I was particularly interested to read your report of the Educational Institute of Scotland's AGM, as it was the first one I have attended.

I was surprised to see that that there is no mention of two motions, on equalities, which generated a considerable amount of interest.

The first of these, passed by a large majority, commits the EIS to recognise the damaging effects of domestic abuse on men as well as women and children and to update all documentation accordingly - a remarkable change of policy.

The second, calling for the Scottish Government to ensure that publicly- funded educational materials on domestic abuse do not discriminate against the children of abused men and to ensure that boys and young men are made as aware of the risks they face from future partners as girls and young women are, has been remitted to the EIS council.

Teachers across Scotland would have been very interested to hear some of the background to these important motions and their implications for all stakeholders in our education system.

Was there any reason for omitting them from what seems an otherwise fairly comprehensive report on the AGM?

We do try to be as comprehensive as possible in our coverage of these occasions, but selection is inevitable and a matter of judgment. Editor

Alison Waugh, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh.

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