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Discouraged by scepticism;Letter;News amp; Opinion

IS IT any wonder that the teaching profession is struggling to recruit prospective trainees? Forget cash incentives or fast-track training, how about a more open-minded, less jaded attitude from such influential people as the writers of your own publication.

I am referring to the diary piece "On the descent" (TES, October 29). I am currently not relaxing during the half-term break after my first six weeks of school-based training on the SCITT course. An innovative programme where students get to grips with the realities of teaching immediately, with the guidance of experienced mentors who are willing to share all the ups and downs of everyday teaching from day one (my description, not the official one) which is run by the University of Nottingham.

After completing a three-year degree and travelling the world I couldn't imagine anything less inspiring than sitting in a lecture hall listening to someone telling me how to teach.

This opinion was supported by the experience I gained working as a learning support assistant and also by the teachers I worked with who agreed that for me, going to a teacher training college would be a great step backwards.

Well, I have been "doing it for real" for the past two months and have been overwhelmed by the support, openness, high standards and, above all, the professionalism shown not just by the members of the SCITT team, but also by the school at which I am based.

So, forgive me if I seem slightly annoyed by the sarcasm with which your article was written but along with a great deal of course work to complete I already have a number of lessons to plan and to evaluate so I really didn't have time to write this letter.

SG Lakey 53 High Street Market Deeping, Peterborough.

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