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Discrimination over inclusion

I note with interest the new key stage 2 targets for 2004, set down in the Green Paper currently out for consultation.

I wonder how many primary schools there are which, like us, have a special needs resourced provision for children who join us in KS2 with severe learning difficulties (in our case, dyslexia).

Our LEA has given us management data which includes these children and is published, and also alternative data which excludes them, but gives a more accurate reflection of our school's progress.

But since we can only publish the data for the whole school, we always show a performance level of 8 to 10 per cent below our true attainment, and are open to critiism for failing to meet our targets for 2002, and open to parental misunderstanding of the league tables. Equally, we fail to be rewarded for the huge achievements we have made with our pupils.

Since we are very proud to be an inclusive school, I do not wish to appear to be discriminating against special needs pupils. However, the policy on league tables discriminates against us and new targets will make it even more difficult.

I would like to hear from anyone with the same problem, with a view to lobbying the Department for Education on this issue.

Christine Griffiths

Battyeford CE(C) school

Nab Lane, Mirfield


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