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Dissecting the Wolf review

While most lecturers will welcome the apparent parity, announced in last week's Wolf review, afforded QLTS and QTS-qualified pedagogues, the front page of FE Focus ("Lecturers' banishment from schools is to end", 4 March) quotes the report as follows: "This will allow schools to recruit qualified professionals to teach courses to school level (rather than bussing pupils to colleges) with clear efficiency gains."

Is this an oversimplification? At my college, where we have a long- standing history of college-school partnerships, it is our infrastructure that proves attractive to schools and which facilitates high-quality vocational environments to their pupils. Can schools replicate dedicated computer network learning environments, motor vehicle workshops, working restaurants and hair and beauty salons? Given the ditching of capital spending in schools and in the interests of efficiency, it makes more sense for school pupils to come to college lecturers in order to gain an authentic vocational experience than the other way around.

Tony Fort, Lecturer, Blackburn College, Lancashire.

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