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Your story "Private investors pull out of Pimlico" (TES, January 24) painted a needlessly gloomy picture concerning the Pimlico School private finance initiative. It also totally distorted the current situation.

Far from the scheme "collapsing", the Pimlico PFI project is very much on course.

One of the shortlisted consortia did withdraw but, contrary to your report, this was not a serious setback.

Such things are not unusual with a scheme of this magnitude. The matter has now been overcome and the Pimlico PFI is progressing well.

This is an important pathfinder project and Westminster Council and the school are going forward in a methodical and measured way, and are determined to get it right. Inaccurate, negative press reports aren't helpful.

DEIRDRE MCGRATH Director of Education and Leisure Westminster City Council PO Box 240 Westminster City Hall 64 Victoria Street London SW1

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