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I READ the story "No leg to stand on over pay claims" with disbelief. The information provided by the Association of Colleges grossly distorts the facts. In our college, if all teachers were on top of the scale (and most are not!), the average maximum salary would be pound;22,419.

Only 7 per cent of FE teachers reach pound;25,000 and they are on projected salaries from old contracts. The highest salary that is possible for a lecturer to achieve now is pound;24,292, at the top of band D. Forth per cent of teaching is done by part-timers on the equivalent of pound;13,000 per annum.

It is clear that an average salary of pound;25,000 for FE teachers could obnly be arrived at by including the pay of FE managers.

This figure shows just how much below the AoC avefage most of us get. We need to act now before the haemorrhage of FE teachers to better-paid jobs bleeds the sector dry.

Christopher Letza 14 Main Street, Riccall North Yorkshire

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