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Divisive rewards

I read teachers' student loans are being repaid but - in certain subjects only!

I am a deputy head at a comprehensive school and have twin sons in the fourth year of a degree with qualified teacher status training to be PE teachers.

But this route disqualifies them from the pound;6,000 training bursary postgraduates get.

Not only that, new teachers in certain shortage subjects, but not PE, get a further "golden hello" payment of pound;4,000 to keep them in the profession.

So my sons miss out on pound;6,000 in their fourth year, a pound;4,000 bonus, will not have their loan paid for and are left with pound;11,000 to pound;12,000 debt each to pay off.

As a deputy with a number of newly-qualified teachers on my staff this is divisive and those not qualifying for the various "special offers" are aggrieved! If ever there is an equal opportunities issue - this is it.

David Andrews

10 Fir Croft Drive

Chandlers Ford



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